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Why Use VeilMail?

If you're tired of your email address getting scraped by spammers and your inbox filled by unwanted spam emails. VeilMail has got you covered.

Protect your email address from those horrible email harvesting bots.

Say goodbye to unwanted spam email messages

How VeilMail Works

Instead of giving your email address out to bad players. Offer your visitors a fun and friendly scratch card to verify they are indeed a flesh and blood human, not a bot or email address harvester. It's goes as so :-

Get up and running with your own personalized veilmail.io/yourname link in 5 seconds, maybe even faster, if you're quickedy quick with the typing and tapping :)

Now, kindly take a look in all those places you already have your email address links placed and replace them with ...... you got it..... your veilmail.io/yourname link. Captain Obvious here but VeilMail only works when you REPLACE your email address links and email text placements with your veilmail.io/yourname link.

Quick one question quiz. Can you think of everywhere you have already placed your email address? Social media, personal and business sites, O.M.G not LinkedIn as well ya say :) We are darn tooting sure you will have forgotten a bunch of sites where you have already exposed your RAW email address. Think darn it think!

Now your email address has a little fortress around it. Visitors complete the fun scratch card to unveil your email address. It's simples right?

Only genuine human visitors can reveal your email. Bots can go and just piss right off!

Enjoy VeilMail. You'll now have that little extra peace of mind knowing that your email address is tucked away safely.

Hide Email Address From Spammers